The “Windjammer” vacation rental is a modern apartment with all the amenities. It has a bedroom, a bathroom, a guest room and a large balcony. Outside, there are no gates or fences. The apartment also comes with a garage, a bicycle room and a private chair on the beach.

Living room

Enjoy a wonderful vacation in a modern apartment in Duhnen. The "Windjammer" comes equipped with a free Internet connection and telephone. Each room has a satellite TV and Blu-Ray player.


In the bedroom, a double bed provides for the utmost in comfort. The "Windjammer" vacation rental also boasts a guest room (for 1 person) and a convertible couch for 2 in the living room.


Adjacent to the living room, the fully-equipped kitchen includes a dishwasher, microwave, coffee machine, oven, toaster, egg cooker, and more. Perfect for a fun dinner at home!


The spacious balcony offers a breathtaking view of the Wadden Sea. End the day in style with a glass of champagne on your own private balcony.


The bathroom comes with everything you need, including a window, shower, tumble dryer, toilet, and heated towel rack, as well as underfloor heating.


A garage is attached to the building. It can hold one passenger car. You can also use it to store your bikes. The garage is visible from the apartment.